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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Is this my blog!??!?!

Eden Anna
Oh my word - I had forgotten that this even existed!!! I only managed to get online at home last week - wretched talk talk took forever to connect me. But I am online now - the deal is good so I can't grumble!!

Been on the island for a few months now. My apartment is great. My job is great. The island is a truly beautiful place to live and it is great to be near the water. There is something quite exciting about having to get a boat to get home - but a little frustrating as well.

My reasons for being here have changed in the last few weeks and I am looking forward to seeing what it is that is in store. Nothing is without reason!!!

How is the blogspot world!!?

Sunday, July 30, 2006


I did not realise that I had aquired quite so much stuff!! My word is all I'll say!! Have only one room left to sort now though so all is going fairly well. Moving day wasn't too stressful, loads of kids came to help pack up the van, they were truly terrific!!! Saying goodbye was incredibly difficult but it is more a change rather than a leaving them forever!

I am already loving the Island (and yes, you can come and visit!). matt and alison have already been over. It all feels a bit surreal at the moment but I am sure that that will change!

Anyway - more news and some piccies later!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sponsoring a good cause!

Eden Anna
Hi - two very good friends of mine, Chris and Laura Neelson, are about to undertake a 268 mile walk along the pennine way in order to raise money for their Eden Project. Together they run Eden Fitton Hill (an area in Oldham). Their project is not as big or established as Harpurhey and they do struggle to raise funds. These guys are taking two weeks out to do this walk - they also have a 1 1/2 year old son who will be doing the walk with Grandma and lots of B&Bs!!! If you would like to sponsor them to help another Eden project then please take a look at the following site and see for yourself!!!



Sunday, June 18, 2006

Eden Anna

Eden Anna

My word - I can't believe it has been so long since I looked at this!!! I'm afraid I didn't take my camera to Florida - I know, shocking - so I have no pictures to share!! No doubt my news is now out there that I am moving to the Isle of Wight at the end of July. If you hadn't received the email - then here it is!!!

After much thought, prayer and deliberation I came to the conclusion that I really need to focus my energies on teaching. I have found the split focus of teaching and Eden difficult to manage. So I have taken the brave decision to leave Eden and focus on my teaching for a while. It was quite remarkable how the job that I am moving to came about:

See job advertised and really like look of it - tis on Isle of Wight - slightly random (do have a friend there). Ring them and a couple of friends to talk the idea through.

Call school and request application - closing date is Friday - it better be quick!

Get home from work to find no application - print one off from on line - write application without person spec. and hope for the best - only takes hour to complete - manage to get application posted off first class from main post office in Manchester.

Call the school that morning to say that my application is on its way, they ask me a few key questions and sound very keen! Current headteacher interrupts my afternoon lesson looking somewhat bewildered. She has just received a phone call asking for references and requesting that I attend an interview tomorrow! Both Head and I in a state of shock - I can not for the life of me work out how I am supposed to get to the Isle of Wight by the next day! Find myself on train travelling down that evening - interview clothes and toothbrush in hand (well, small bag!!!)

Picked up from hotel by member of school staff. Meet the Head and Deputy - tour the school. The whole school then leaves on a sponsored walk - I am in the staff room waiting for my interivew that afternoon. People drop in to chat to me - don't know who they are but smile sweetly and talk anyway. Secretary takes me to Ryde so I can get some lunch. Receive phonecall from secretary to say that the other two applicants have pulled out - one got a job that morning, the other has changed their mind! It dawns on me that the likelihood of my getting the job has just significantly increased!!! Walk around in dazed state praying like mad!!! Get back to the school where I have to wait still!! Keep getting messages saying that they will be with me soon! The Head and Deputy return from the walk - covered in mud - we laugh together!!! Sit in Head's office where she says she isn't going to interview me - says she can't! They had had one of those days - it was chaotic in the best possible sense of the word! She goes on to say that my application was outstanding, my references were outstanding and that everyone who has met me today thinks that I am great and will fit in well. Am then offered a term's temporary contract, that will be made permanent if it all works out well. This is ideal for me as it is such a big move. I accept - relieved that I didn't have to be interviewed!!!

Phone call from friend on Isle of Wight - they have found me a house to rent which is well within my budget - wouldn't have to be tied in to a six month agreement as it is someone from their church. All sorted!!!!

It is crazy how it has come about and I would really appreciate your prayers. Life is going to be incredibly different to the life I currently have. My focus, the way things are done, the people that I am around, everything!! Eden is an intense experience so it is going to be strange to not be in that. There are a lot of goodbyes that need to be said and a lot of people still to be told - I really find it difficult to tell people around here! There are new friendships to be made, a new job to focus on (this will be the first time since I was ill last year that I have looked at teaching in the more conventional manner - I am so excited but a little aprehensive too), two houses to sort - things to move, I could go on!!! I am sure you can work it all out!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Eden Anna

Eden Anna

Take a look at this - oh how I laughed!!!


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The last week!

Thought I'd sit down and actually share a bit of what has been going on this last week! Really should! I have been so slack at keeping people informed lately - I do apologise!!

Had some fun with the girls that I've been working with on a Monday ever since I moved here. Two of them have developed a fascinating attitude over the last few months - I could list their misdemeanours - but won't!! During this bumpy time I've been able to maintain a good relationship with them - until last Monday!! It was a classic teenage moment - I took them to one side to talk to them as 'mature young adults' - they reacted on the defensive and before I knew it it was a full scale war!! It resulted with me having to ask them to leave. They came back a few days later to tell me that they would never come to Monday club again!! I give it about three weeks!

Circumstances with my job have been changing recently (why do jobs never remain simple!!). The person who does the other half of the role that I currently have has resigned. I've been asked to take the role on full time until the summer. I have reluctantly agreed to this! We had a meeting to discuss the timetable - it was a bit of a power struggle between the management team so it was interesting!! The timetable is interesting!!! They want me to take this on full time in September on a permanent contract. I'm not so convinced. Needless to say I am job hunting again! I have had to job hunt every year since I decided to move to Manchester - it is getting a little annoying!! Time for a job that I can stay in for a few years please!!!!

Have had a very sociable weekend with the Windus offspring decending on Manchester - went out for a lovely curry with them all on Saturday. Luke did a great impression of Jayne when she visited the same curry house and was some what surprised by the fish tank in the floor!!! Spent a lot of time with the guys from team as well. Which is always good to do! Went out for a very delicious Sunday lunch - at a pub called the Shoulder of Mutton - if you ever find yourself in Ramsbottom may I reccommend this to you!!

Church was great on Sunday. We're looking at Jesus' journey to the cross in the run up to Easter. This Sunday was all about the Garden of Gethsemene. We re-arranged the seating so that people were in small huddles. We darkened the building and just had a few coloured lights creating an atmosphere. We had an image of branches blowing in the breeze with the sunlight breaking through on the screen. We played music from 'The Passion'. From the moment people stepped into the building they knew that something was different. We opened with a song and then watched the clip from 'The Passion' when Jesus was in the garden praying and the disciples fell asleep. Yes there are some interpretations that Mel Gibson has made that aren't necessarily accurate Biblically but it was so powerful to watch. The talk was then all about 'Not my will, but yours.' aimed particularly at people facing tough decisions at the moment. For those not in such a place we discussed the importance of 'keeping us from temptation'. The need to pray before as opposed to a sorry afterwards! We then gave people real time to respond. We had a prayer tree at the front of church that people could come and sit infront of and pray. People could write prayers on paper leaves and attach them to the tree if they wanted something more symbollic. People could pray in groups or on their own. It was a really good time and you could see so many people really engaging in what was going on. Even the older teenagers were telling the younger ones to be quiet!!

There was great fellowship afterwards and lots of really valuable conversations!

So - a small snap shot into some of life up here in Harpurhey!!

Hope you're all well.

Friday, March 03, 2006

More snow!

Liam decided that laying down in the middle of the road and making his snow angel was a really good idea!! He doesn't live on our street - interesting how many people told him to go away because this wasn't his patch! That snowball in his left hand did end up all over me!!! What a treasure!! Posted by Picasa

Snow in Harpurhey

Just come in from a fun evening on the street. We are currently receiving our fair share of the artic weather! It was really good fun with kids, teenagers and adults a like all having a go! Even those who are normally having a go at each other managed to enter into the fun of things!!

Some of the kids have made a fantastic snowman which the older lads are determind to run away with. I suggested that they wait until the kids are asleep - take the snowman and leave some glitter behind so that the kids think something magical has happened!! I know, I shouldn't encourage them!!! Posted by Picasa